In Memory of George Floyd

New York, NY (June 04, 2020)

Dear Friends,

The killing of George Floyd has highlighted once again the persistent and deep-rooted histories of hatred, prejudice, and injustice that affect the lives of millions of people in this nation on a daily basis. The sadness and anger that comes from seeing in such a stark manner the mortal danger and fear that members of the black community face every day for themselves and their families can be overwhelming. As an organization that seeks to put current events in historical context, in order to better understand our present difficulties in light of the lessons of the past, we at the Center for Jewish History deeply mourn the death of George Floyd; yet we remain hopeful that, when the history of this period is written, the national reaction to his killing will be seen as a catalyst for true change in this country, a turning point in the fight against racism, hatred and bigotry. This change will only come if we join together to combat the evil of prejudice today and every day. We stand together with countless others around the country and the world in mourning this senseless death, and we stand united in the fight against racism and hatred. We hope that together we can find a way to make real and lasting change.

Stay strong, determined and safe.
Bernard Michael
President & CEO
Center for Jewish History