Leader in the Jewish Community and Holocaust Historian to be Honored During Jewish American Heritage Month

New York, NY (April 22, 2022)

A leader in the Jewish community, and a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and Holocaust survivor, will both be honored at the Center for Jewish History’s Gala. We will recognize their achievement in scholarship, leadership, and their commitment to ensuring that the history of the Jewish people lives on for future generations.

On May 19, 2022, the Center for Jewish History will recognize Sid Lapidus, prominent leader of the Center for Jewish History since its founding, Chair of the American Jewish Historical Society, and a principal of Warburg Pincus for more than half a century.

Through his tireless effort and philanthropy, Lapidus has helped shape the Center for Jewish History into a home for one of the largest and richest archives in the world relating to the modern Jewish experience.

“We proudly honor Sid Lapidus for his steadfast support and commitment to the Center for Jewish History since its founding. His collection of original documents relating to religious liberty in Europe and the United States is remarkable for its significance and depth. His recognition of the importance of preserving Jewish history for future generations has been unwavering and motivates us to do what we do each day,” said Bernard J. Michael, President and CEO, Center for Jewish History.

The Center for Jewish History will also honor Saul Friedländer, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Holocaust survivor, and preeminent historian. His groundbreaking scholarship on the Holocaust transformed the understanding of the Nazi era.

“It is our extraordinary privilege to honor Professor Saul Friedländer at this year’s gala celebration for the Center for Jewish History. Dr. Friedländer is a giant among scholars in the field of Holocaust studies and an expert on collective memory. When he grew increasingly concerned that society had become desensitized to the atrocities of the Nazi regime, Dr. Friedländer spoke out, calling upon German historians and the public to recognize the crimes of the Third Reich against Jews as genocide and not to view their 12 years of power as any other period in history,” said Michael.

The Gala will take place during Jewish American Heritage Month, a fitting time to honor those who have helped shape American history, culture, and society. The Gala will begin at 6pm on May 19. For more information visit cjh.org/gala.