The Freedom Seder: 49 Years Later with Arthur Waskow

Join us in celebration of the 49th anniversary of the Freedom Seder and Arthur Waskow’s Haggadah.

In 1969, on the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, nearly 800 people gathered in the basement of a black church in Washington, D.C. These Jews, blacks, rabbis, and ministers participated in what became known as the “Freedom Seder,” and used Arthur Waskow’s controversial Haggadah as their liturgical guide.

The Center for Jewish History and the Goldstein-Goren Center for the Study of American Jewish History will convene a symposium to explore the historical context and the impact of this event. The evening will begin with Arthur Waskow, co-founder of ALEPHAlliance for Jewish Renewal, who will offer his reflections on that first Freedom Seder, on his Haggadah, and on how it shaped American Jewish life.

We will then feature a panel of scholars who will contextualize the Freedom Seder.

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