Hamill and Haberman | Stories of New York

Journalists Pete Hamill and Clyde Haberman in conversation at the Center for Jewish History on Sunday, September 8, 2019.

Growing up in Brooklyn, legendary journalist Pete Hamill was an altar boy in church and helped out a rabbi on Saturdays in a nearby synagogue. “He tried to teach me Yiddish,” Hamill remembers, “and I did my little part trying to explain to him that the Cincinnati Reds were not Socialists. They were a baseball team.” The experience shaped a credo the renowned reporter and best-selling novelist lives and writes by. “New York City,” Hamill says, “is the capital of people who are not like you. Absorb as much as you can.”

In a career spanning six decades, Pete Hamill has absorbed his city, written its stories, and imagined still more in his eleven novels. On September 8th at 3 pm at the Center for Jewish History, the celebrated storyteller sits down with another notable New Yorker and his former New York Post colleague: Bronx native and acclaimed New York Times reporter Clyde Haberman. Both sons of immigrants, Hamill and Haberman will talk about the Irish and Jewish neighborhoods they came from, the immigrant experience then and now, the tabloid that launched their careers, and the ever-changing city that continues to inspire.

Presented by: the Center for Jewish History in partnership with the American Jewish Historical Society, the Irish American Writers & Artists, the American Irish Historical Society, and the Glucksman Ireland House NYU

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